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Fisher Sub Sieve Sizer (Model WLP-208) is also designed with air permeability theory. It can rapidly measure average particle size of different kinds of dry powder, like metal powder, stone powder, chemical powder, medical powder, etc. Its operation is quite simple and its performance is very stable. It has no noisy while it is working.

You can read the measuring result directly from the self-calculating chart at the front of it. The chart includes an array of curves and one of them, which the liquid height position is corresponding to, indicates the value of average particle size of the powder sample. Its measurement is unaffected by particle shapes.

Based on model WLP-205, we add one pressure regulator on Model WLP-208. This pressure regulator can make your powder easily pressed to the same compact extent, reaching the stipulated pressure (international standard 22.7kgf·cm), which further improves the performance of our Fisher Subsieve Sizer. With the help of this tool, our FSSS instrument can better consolidate these features: easy operation, stable performance and good repeatability.

Main Technical Data of WLP-208

1, measuring range: 0.2~ 50 microns
2, porosity range: 0.25-0.40, 0.40-0.80, and 0.80-0.95
3, Accuracy: ± 3%
4, relative humidity: less than 80% relative humidity;
5, working temperature: 25 ± 10 °C
6, power supply: 220V±22V; 50-60Hz;
7, power consumption: 50W
8, weight: 28Kg
9, size: 100 x 43 x 52 (cm)