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Fisher Subsieve sizer (Model: WLP-205) can rapidly measure the average particle size for different kinds of dry powder, like stone powder, metal powder, chemical powder, etc. It works with gas permeability principle. The measuring result is indicated directly on a self-calculating multi-curve chart at the front of it. Its measurement is fast and it need not any dispersion. The measuring result is unaffected by particle shape. It is suitable for all powder processing industries where the determination of powder size is required.

The porosity range of this instrument has been expanded from original 0.40~0.80 to current 0.24~0.40, 0.40~0.80, 0.80~0.95, so that it can better meet the demands of power processing industries. It has such features: stable performance, easy operation, good repetition.

This instrument is also called Blaine Fineness Tester or Average Particle Size Analyzer. Based on model WLP-205, we have developed model WLP-208 and model WLP-216. If you have any questions about our FSSS instruments, please feel free to contact us.

Main Technical Data of WLP-205

1, measuring range: 0.20-50 micron or 0.20-100 micron
2, porosity range: 0.25-0.40, 0.40-0.80, 0.80-0.95
3, repeatability: ± 3%
4, ambient temperature: 25 ± 10 °C
5, precision: ± 3%
6, Power: 30W
7, power supply: 220V ± 22V
8, weight: 18kg
9, size: 735 × 414 × 244 mm³