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Latest Model WLP-216

Fisher Sub Sieve Sizer (Model: WLP-216) is still operating with air permeability principle but it is an updated model. It can be connected with a computer which can directly show you the testing result, including the average particle size, specific surface area and porosity. The result can be saved and printed out. It has such features: easy operation, high efficiency and high precision.

You know that the measuring result of WLP-208 is displayed directly on its front chart. If you are not careful, maybe an error of visual estimation will happen. WLP-216 has overcome that disadvantage. Compared with WLP-208, WLP-216 can do a faster measurement and it just has a half size of WLP-208.

This instrument is applicable to all powder processing industries where the determination of powder size is requred.

Advantages of WLP-216

1) Faster Measuring Speed
2) Smaller Volume
3) Measuring results can be saved or printed out
4) Get measuring result of porosity, specific surface area, average particle size at the same time.
5) Stable performance
6) Easy Operation

We have already exported it to USA, South Korea, Chile, India, Russia.

Main Technical Data of WLP-216

1. Measuring Range: 0.1~100 micron
2. Porosity Range: 0.25~0.95
3. Repeatability: ± 3%
4. Power Supply: 220V, 50Hz
5. Power Consumption: 60W
6, working temperature: 25 ± 10 °C
7. Weight: 18 kg (WLP-216) + 2.5 kg (notebook PC)
8. Outline: 445 x 240 x 400 mm

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