We are a professional manufacturer of "Fisher sub sieve sizer" which is also called "Fisher sizer" or “Average particle size analyzer” or “Blaine fineness tester”.

Our company has strong technical force. We have experienced engineers who have been working on "FSSS" testing technology more than 20 years. With excellent technical strength, we always stand in the forefront of FSSS instruments. We are awarded "manufacturing licence of measurement instrument" by Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau of Dandong City, Liaoning Province, China.

Our "Fisher sub sieve sizer" (Model: WLP-208) has received the second prize of China Scientific Research in the year 2003. We have exported our Average Particle Size Analyzer to many countries including USA, India, South Korea, Norway, Russia.

The applications of our "Fisher sub sieve sizer" (FSSS) include: magnetic materials, powder metallurgy, refractory metals, special ceramics, tungsten and molybdenum materials, cemented carbide, non-ferrous metals, pharmacy power, building materials, defense functional material.

We are really serious on the quality of our Fisher devices. It means you can use it for a very long time because it is not easy to break down. It also means the measurement precision is high and stable. Regarding the spare parts, if you want to measure your powder frequently, you only need to prepare some more filter paper.